Who am I ?

My name is Nicolas, currently working has Web developer at Easyvoyage, I spend my free time as taking photos.

I was studying Master 2 DNR2I at Caen (Master degree). I studied everything related to web and software, such as website creation with various development languages, or web application/software like with JavaEE . My school teached me how to organize, propose and manage projects.


From January to June 2014 I studied in korea to learn korean language and culture,
you can follow my story on https://duflodocus.fr/category/blog_photo/korea/


Me and the programming

I was “Auto-Entrepreneur”(self-employer Freelance) between June 2010 and December 2012, in creation of website under the SIRET 52308207100011.

To see what wide range of applications that I can do, you have the posibility to look on my references of website / software creations.

Besides presenting of my work and personal activities, this site was set up to deploy my various skills such as:


  • PHP programming :
    • Cloud System to host files (90% finished)
    • CMS (content management system) currently doing an overhaul of my old CMS
  • Establishment of server (Unix Server) :
    • Server POP3/IMAP/SMTP imap.duflodocus.fr (RoundCube interface)
    • Server LAMP
    • Server CLOUD (Home Made)
    • Server FTP
    • Server MineCraft ( URL for access to the server : games.duflodocus.fr)