Plugin WordPress to get HTML code to include photos from Google+ Photo.

Google Photo Display
QUALIFILM Personal project: development of a system to upload and download files  on the Cloud.


Website for the company QUALIFILM, which installs protective, solar and decorative film.

Protect-Solution Website for the company Protect-Solution, which sells and installs protection systems (alarms, video surveillance).


School Project (Group): making of a website to image bank. registered users can upload photos and sell them.


School project: development of a management system of courses, students and teacher to the ESAM.


For a exam of design, we were asked to redo the design of the website terdav.com.


As part of a school project to be achieve by groups, so I take part in the development of the site for the Association “ISSEAD”. We had to use one CMS and develop the design, programming on it and also have content. The choice of CMS was: WordPress; it is easy to change and easy to use for the average user.


During one internship during my License (Bachelor+3), I made a estimate management system, with monitoring, and with many automated processes.


During my second year of senior technician certificate (Bachelor+2), I made a website for a real estate agency in Vernon (FRANCE).


Site created during my internship of first year of BTS (bachelor+1) for a craftsman, I had to use JOOMLA is a content management system.
UPDATE: Site has been remade with WordPress.

PhotoSiteJeanned'Arc Website of Jeanne d’Arc is based on my previous generating website system. Through its administration, the user can create their own pages as if he wrote in a text processing software.

The website of 27emeCOS was made to allow to present Airsoft (Leisure), but also to create a profile for each member of the group so that visitors can learn more about them.