Gyeongju 경주

Korea – Gyeongju 경주

Gyeongju & Bulguksa 경주 & 불국사

Korea – Gyeongju 경주 – Bulguksa Temple 불국사

Korean – Busan

Food korea

Korea – Food

Korea – Haedong Yonggungsa


Photos of Suwon & Park in Korea Osan Park 경기도립 물향기수목원


Album of my walk to NamSan And we start the walk by a meal: Tonkatsu !

Food korea

Korean food Dongdaemun Design Plaza Gwanghwamun Others place


Seoul during my trip in April 2016


Hwaseong Fortress (수원 화성) in Suwon – korea during my trip in April 2016


Hwaseong Fortress – Suwon in Korea during my trip in April 2016


I’m back in France, now he will have to work. I hope to find a job in Korea to return very soon.


Sokcho – Party & Food Soju (Alcool Coréen) Poulet épicé

Parc de la Coupe du Monde

The World Cup Parks which were created in memory of the 17th FIFA World Cup 2002 were opened on 1 May 2002. The chosen location was Nanjido A landfill site where 92 million tons of garbage had been buried since 1978. The parks could only be opened after more than 6 years of work, Read More


Gangnam-gu Is a district of Seoul, the richest of the city. The name Gangnam means « the south of the river »