View of Paris from the top of Montparnasse tower, that day was tooooo much windy so picture are not so good :-/

Paris - Notre Dame

I love Paris for the beautiful architecture


previously we had Vernon in black and white, now it’s Vernon with all colors


Went out in Paris the City of Lights


Some Black and White pictures of Vernon(France) to see this beautiful old city

Château de Bizy

Welcome to the castle of Bizy in Vernon (FRANCE)


Coutances is a French commune, located in the department of Manche in Lower-Normandy region.

Tour Eiffel et Champ de Mars

On this Saturday, I went to Paris to meet korean friends and take pictures of Paris.

Hotel de ville de Caen

Caen is my city where I’m studying for my 3 & 5 years university degree. Located in northwestern of France, this city have many History due of kings and world war. If you come here you will be able to see the castle of Caen, many Churchs and Abbeys, gardens and the Memorial of, Read More