Yes, i have Instagram where i try to put my photos almost everyday.

Let’s travel together in Japan

Or in France like Paris

Or still in Asia like in Korea

That’s it! I just updated my website.

My hobby is about Photo, I will put a lot of album here, but you can of course also follow me on social networks
About my gear, this is a familly picture
APS-C D3100
> 800mm Samyang
> 18-250mm Sigma
Full Frame D750
> 50mm Nikkor
> 24mm Nikkor
> 70-200mm Nikkor




This red logo, what is that ?

In fact it is the shape of the Korean stamps where we can read the name of the owner.

Here we read 듀플로 도쿠스 that means “DufloDocus” my nickname.

I closed my website and moved all my photos of Korea in here, you can now find them here

For the GUI, 2 kind of display

Blog display
Full display
Example :
> Albums list : /en/category/blog_photo/
> Albums of Korea : /en/category/blog_photo/korea/
Example :
> All photos of France : /en/tag/france/

Today I finished this small plugin for WordPress :).

Why I made this ?
Whenever i Wanted put my Google+ photos on my website then I only wanted get the thumbnail from google and link my photo to the Gallery on google.
So I needed to make for each photo a link and image tag then copy the thumbnail URL and the gallerie URL from google….. and many hours later I could finish and post my article…

But now with this plugin, I only need to fill the user id of the gallery that I need, and then selected pictures to include. To finish, the plugin will give me the full html code to include in my article 🙂 FASTER !