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Google Photo Display

Today I finished this small plugin for WordPress :).

Why I made this ?
Whenever i Wanted put my Google+ photos on my website then I only wanted get the thumbnail from google and link my photo to the Gallery on google.
So I needed to make for each photo a link and image tag then copy the thumbnail URL and the gallerie URL from google….. and many hours later I could finish and post my article…

But now with this plugin, I only need to fill the user id of the gallery that I need, and then selected pictures to include. To finish, the plugin will give me the full html code to include in my article ūüôā FASTER !

I’m in Korea !

This is it ! I arrived in South Korea ! after 11 hours of flight to Shanghai and again 1 hour and half, I’m finally in my¬†small room in Seoul.

My blog has its content updated, many news, informations and pictures are on all articles that I wrote.

Time to go to Korea !

Done ! my IT studies are completed, time to search a job ? no !

After more than a year of reflection, I decided to go to South Korea, why so far and why?

So since 3 years I meet many Korean friends and they introduced me their Culture (I was already interested in the Asian culture), so I decided to go to Korea for 6 months to get into an Institute of languages ‚Äč‚Äčand learn Korean.

I will use my new website¬†to tell you all the things I’ve done to prepare ¬†the trip, but also show you that country with images.